Dev K. Mishra, M.D. Founder, Sideline Sports Doc

Injuries in youth sports are bound to happen. About 5.5 million injuries require medical care for young athletes each year in the U.S.

The problem is that many coaches are not properly trained to make the right decision on the field. The result is that each year up to 2 million young athletes are sent back in to play before they are ready, turning a mild injury into something that can result in weeks or months of lost playing time.

In my own sports medicine practice I’m likely to see one injury each week that could have been much less severe if the athlete did not prematurely return to play.

I created Sideline Sports Doc as a resource for coaches and parents, so they can help their young athletes avoid unnecessary injury.

"When an athlete’s health and well-being are on the line, you owe it to your players and yourself to know what to do. In only 60 minutes, Sideline Sports Doc will equip you with the knowledge to handle any common situation."


Sports teams and leagues may have coaching first-aid or other risk management tools at their disposal, but many coaches are still not fully trained in handling on-field injuries.

Many well-intentioned resources available don't really teach the coach how to handle on-field injury effectively. Perhaps there's too much information. Perhaps the information was buried at the end of a four- hour Saturday morning mandatory coaching seminar. Perhaps the information tried too hard to make the coach a trainer or doctor.

Sideline Sports Doc takes a different approach.

We break down the essentials of on-field injury management into easy-to-digest segments that you can use to manage and significantly reduce player injury within your team or league.


Sideline Sports Doc provides a unique approach to onfield injury management by focusing on the single issue that every coach faces: whether a young athlete can stay in the game, needs to be removed from play, or needs immediate medical attention.

In the medical world, this is a concept called "triage". In the coaching world, this is one of the most important concepts you will ever learn.

With Sideline Sports Doc we raise your sports injury I.Q., and help you make better coaching decisions, by focusing on these key areas:

  • The Four Point Sideline Assessment Method. How to quickly determine the severity of an injury, and how to react with these techniques of rapid sideline injury assessment.

  • Core Concepts for each sport. Scientific evidence shows that for each sport there are 6-8 types of injuries that typically make up more than 90% of the injuries seen in each sport. The mix of injuries is different for each sport, and we'll point you in the right direction.

  • Recognizing Red Flag Conditions. These are unusual situations that require special care. Our On-Field Evaluation Method helps you recognize these.

Was your safety training stuck after lunch in your coaching certification course? How much of that do you actually remember? You can now learn a topic a day in your car on your way to practice for a week, and make a huge positive impact for your players.

Each lesson can be absorbed in about 60 minutes by listening to the MP3 audiobook with the accompanying PDF as your reference guide.


Because an Injury Affects Everyone

We're still not doing as well as we can do to manage onfield injuries in youth sports. An injured athlete with a significant injury has an impact in many different areas:

  • The young athlete. Did a minor injury turn into a major injury with many weeks or even months needed to recover? The young athlete has the most at risk.

  • The parents. No one is in a better position to advocate for the health of the young athlete than a parent. Can an injury be managed properly from the start so that there's a better chance that the young athlete can play in the important game, or participate in the college I.D. camp?

  • The team. With a minor injury the team might be without the injured player for a few days, a week, maybe a few weeks. But can you be without a player for months or forever?

  • The club or league. Effective on-field injury management has the potential to improve your risk management profile. Clubs and leagues can greatly benefit from satisfying all other affected parties.

  • The insurer. The methods we teach represent a highly effective risk management tool. As an example, take a look at a grade 1 ankle sprain. Most kids will recover in a week or two with very little intervention needed. But if the athlete returns to play too soon, there's a chance that turns into a grade 3 injury. Now you're looking at doctor visits, several physical therapy visits, possible surgery…and a dramatically higher cost of care.


Each course is custom-tailored to the specific needs of your chosen sport, can be downloaded instantly to your computer, and accessed from most smartphones.

  • The Core Concepts. For each sport, we've identified 6-8 critical topics. These topics can be studied at your own pace and preferably during the preseason. Understanding these Core Concepts should equip you to handle almost all on-field injury management situations for your sport.

  • 15-20 Supplemental Topics that you can study whenever you wish. These topics are critical for each sport and should be learned to round out the coach's knowledge base. We recommend that you look these over before the start of the season to familiarize yourself with the issues.

  • MP3 audio of every chapter to accompany the PDF. The audio books are perfect for listening to while in the car or at the gym.

    Sport Currently Available:

    • Soccer

    • Football

    • Basketball

    • Hockey

    • … and more to come!

Best of all, you can download the full eBook for your sport – for free!

You can also get your hands on the sport combination eBook and audio mp3 set for a mere $9.99. Which is virtually nothing when compared to stress of poor injury management, not to mention liabilities and potential cost of medical expenses.

If your new training saves a player from just one injury (and it’s likely to prevent many more), the grief and money that you, your players, and their parents save will be well worth it.

Get The 23 Chapter Ebook and Audiobook Only $9.99

It’s the second half of a soccer game that your team has well in hand. One of your substitutes accidentally collides with a member of the opposing team, and suffers a blow to the head. He appears a bit dazed, but springs back to his feet moments later.

He usually doesn’t get much playing time and is pleading with you to let him continue playing…

Should he be benched or allowed to continue playing?

Discover what you need to know to make the right decision...

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Besides the focus on injury assessment, Core Concepts, and delivery method, our strength is our team. At Sideline Sports Doc we are physicians, athletic trainers, coaches, and parents ourselves.

We have devoted our careers to on-field care of sports medicine injuries from youth under-5 leagues to multiple Olympic Gold Medal athletes. We know that a coach wants to focus on coaching, and doesn't want to spend more time than absolutely necessary on learning other things.

With our focus and delivery method we make sideline injury management better for every coach. Learn proper injury management in the preseason, and then focus on what you do best during the season: winning games and helping your players become the best athletes they can be.

What We Do

In less than 60 minutes, our free ebook will teach you:

- a method that you can apply to any sport and any situation

- 6 to 8 key Core Concepts for each sport

- out-of-the-ordinary Red Flag situations that need special care