What is Sideline Sports Doc?

Every year the number of young children, adolescents and adults participating in sports activity increases, and unfortunately so do the number of injuries. Sideline Sports Doc develops injury recognition courses and technology solutions that help governing bodies, teams, coaches, parents and weekend warriors better understand how to manage injuries.

The course content is based on The SAFE Method™ that teaches you how to recognize a mild injury, a moderate injury, or a severe injury.  The courses do not to teach you how to diagnose and provide the final treatment for an injury.  Leave that to the professionals, such as a physician or an athletic trainer.

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Developed by World-Class Team Physicians

Course content is designed to be a clear, concise, and practical method bringing decades of sideline team physician experience to you. Our content is produced by world class team physicians from youth sports through the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, major universities, to national and Olympic teams.   Our partners lead the industry in sport injury prevention and treatment.

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In Their Own Words - SSD Course Participants