About SSD

Dr. Dev Mishra founded Sideline Sports Doc in 2010. The idea behind the company is simple: is there a way to teach non-medically trained coaches, parents, and athletes a simple method that allows them to recognize common sports injuries and make reasonable decisions about what to do next?

We spent several years testing and refining our thinking and what resulted is The SAFE Method™. It turns out that all highly trained team physicians use the same four steps when we are assessing an injury on the field of play, with all athletes, at all levels of play. We get a sense for how the injury happened (Story), we use our eyes to have a look at the injured area (Appearance), we typically put our hands on the area (Feel) and we’ll do movement based tests to help determine readiness for play (Effort).

Our company is comprised of many highly trained team physicians, as well as talented people skilled in other areas of the world of sports. We have clinical partnerships with several of the best sports medicine practices in the United States.

This is information you can trust.