What we believe


Sideline Sports Doc exists to democratize knowledge.

Our vision and mission

Our mission is to apply the injury recognition and wellness tools we use every day as high level team physicians with elite athletes and present them in simple and effective ways that anyone can use to improve their own health and physical ability.

Many people believe that the techniques team doctors use are reserved for high-level athletes and are “hidden” to the general public. We disagree. Our goal is to make your life better by presenting products, services, and digital content that allows anyone to pursue the best version of themselves regardless of age, gender, or activity level.

Our core principle is that active movement makes every part of you better. A young athlete stays interested and engaged in sports by avoiding overuse and managing injuries appropriately if they occur. That young athlete becomes an adult interested in maintaining fitness. The adult becomes a senior focused on maximizing healthspan.

We believe our first responsibility is to create content you can trust. We do this by attaching our names, faces, and voices to every product we make and with that we put our personal and professional reputations behind each product and service.

It’s important to build products that work and meet the needs of our customers. Our methods are time-tested and proven through extensive independent use. Our injury recognition method, for example, is based on principles used by every team physician and athletic trainer in America.

Finally, we feel responsible to the communities we serve by distributing our products through easily accessible digital platforms at fair prices. This allows us to reach anyone worldwide, with products of the highest quality and value.