Post Workout Protein: What Your Muscles Need

Continuing our theme of return to sports and fitness after the coronavirus layoff, we’d like to briefly touch on the usefulness of dietary protein after your workout as a key factor in assisting your strength gains.

There’s some difference of opinion on this point, but we believe that taking in about 20gm of protein within the first 30 minutes after finishing your workout is the best time to take your protein.

Further, we believe protein intake after a workout becomes even more important as we age, and there are several natural food options available to help you.

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Active Recovery: The Next Piece In Getting Back To Sports

I wrote last week about some simple strategies to ramp back up to fitness and sports activity after a Covid-19 layoff. This week I’ll briefly discuss another important concept in your road back, active recovery.

Active recovery is a process through which you use light exercise, tissue mobilization techniques, and even sleep to improve your recovery from more intense exercise sessions.

When done correctly, active recovery will lessen muscle soreness and improve your energy levels heading into the next day.

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Why “Load Management” Matters. Ramping Back To Sports After Covid-19 Layoff.

I’ve been writing about trying to keep up with some amount of exercise during our stay-at-home limitations. While many of you have found ways to maintain- and even improve- your fitness levels, the reality for many folks is that there was simply no way to keep up with fitness levels during our recent restrictions.

So now as we start gradually easing restrictions on outdoor sports and fitness you’ve got an opportunity to get some of your lost fitness back. But a few words of caution are in order here: getting back too fast, with too much load, and too soon is a recipe for an injury.

A sensible approach calls for a restart at about half intensity from your previous level, and then ramping up each week. In professional sports the phrase used for this type of limited activity is “load management”. It works for all of us.

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Sunshine’s Magic

The days are getting longer, the weather is generally decent, and many states are starting to ease restrictions necessary to limit the spread of coronavirus. This means that for many of us it’s possible to spend a little bit more time outside now in sunshine.

There are many positive benefits from appropriate amounts of sunshine, including improved mood and likely benefits on your immune system.

By following outdoor precautions it’s possible for many of us to now start feeling sunshine’s magic.

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A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Last week several states announced that they will gradually start reducing the physical and social distancing measures currently in place. That means that there’s the possibility of return to fitness and sport activities. No one has a playbook on exactly how to do this, so you’ll likely find many different state and local regulations on how this will be done.

We should all be aware though that this won’t be like flipping a light switch and turn everything back on the way it was before the virus restrictions. No, much more likely are modified restrictions on physical distancing and strong attention to hygiene.

How fast gyms reopen and team practices resume will be complicated, but for everyone who’s been going a bit bonkers there’s now a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Did You Get Hurt In Your WFH Workout? Now What?

It was bound to happen. This week I did a video visit with a woman trying to do the right thing. She was doing a WFH workout early in the morning before her kids woke up, doing some countermovement jumps. What she didn’t count on was the small toy car placed behind her where she hadn’t thought to clean.

What do you do when an injury happens these days? Most doctors’ offices are closed to in person visits. You should avoid ERs if at all possible. So if you’ve been injured, now what?

There are good options. You can start with our Good To Go app, which can guide you through the severity of your injury. If it’s truly serious then an urgent care facility or ER is still a good option. Then there are video visits with orthopedic or sports medicine providers. Finally, it might just need a bag of ice, a little rest, and you’ll fine.

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Wellness Influencer Or Snake Oil Peddler?

There’s so much upheaval in our personal and business lives now so it’s only natural that we’re on the lookout for the fastest possible solution.

We’d encourage each of you to be particularly vigilant regarding unproven quick fixes, often promoted by social media influencers. The influencer is exceptionally skilled at avoiding language that could be interpreted as “medical treatment”. The rules regarding the regulatory environment and affiliate disclosures are vague, providing an opportunity to take advantage of the unsuspecting. Every one of us knows the saying, “if it sounds too good to be true…”. 

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Can You Get A Little Bit Better?

Can you find a way to keep a strong mindset and improve yourself in spite of the physical restrictions all of us are under? We’re all hopeful that by following the physical distancing guidelines currently in place that we can minimize the tragic consequences of the coronavirus. As of today, the strategy seems to be working.

But we likely still have a few weeks of physical distancing ahead of us. I’ve written previously about the opportunity to use this time positively if your circumstances allow. If you have equipment at home perhaps you can improve a technical aspect of your sport, and even if you have no equipment you can build strength and flexibility that should be helpful once we restart sports and group fitness.

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Keep Smiling. Even If You’re Wearing A Mask.

Current virus spread estimates indicate that the next couple of weeks will be particularly difficult for U.S. residents, and will challenge everyone’s ability to see a positive outcome. During this difficult time it’s important that we take as many steps as possible to stay healthy and foster a positive attitude. One incredibly simple thing we can do is to keep smiling, even if we don’t feel like it, and even if we’re wearing a mask.

In our neighborhood I’m particularly impressed by the resiliency and optimism of most kids, especially the younger ones in elementary and middle schools. We have a few groups that go around writing chalk messages on walkways with simple truths worth following. I’m guessing many communities have the same: “stay positive”, “we’ll get through this”, and the one from our own walkway “smile”.

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Good Sleep Habits – How They Help And What You Can Do Now

As the number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. unfortunately increased this week I’d like to focus on something each of us can do now to help keep as healthy as possible while we are staying home.

The virus situation changes rapidly so I’ll once again recommend you consult the CDC website for the most up to date information. As of today, physical distancing is still the best way we have to lessen our chances of getting or spreading the virus- please pay serious attention to that along with strict hand washing.

Another thing we can do at home is to get as good a night’s sleep as possible. Sleep has many positive effects on health, including assisting our immune system. Let’s have a look at the positive effects of sleep, how much is recommended, and some tips to help you get the best night’s sleep.

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