• Why did we create Sideline Sports Doc?

    Injuries in sports happen. In spite of all of the outstanding advances in equipment, training, and rules to protect athletes, injuries still happen. And yet we felt there wasn’t nearly enough attention given to basic injury recognition training for the typical first responder to an injured player- that would be the coach. Our focus is on helping the coach answer the question: “Your player’s been injured- now what”?

  • How did Sideline Sports Doc create The SAFE Method™?

    Our objective was to recreate the basic steps that we take as trained team physicians and adapt those methods for the non-medically trained coach. As we thought about this it was clear that all of us evaluated an athlete on the field of play with the exact same four steps: we get information about how the injury happened, we take a look at the injured area, we’ll typically place our hands on the injury, and then we’ll perform movement based tests. Four steps to use every time, for boys, girls, men, women and pretty much any sport.

  • How we use evidence in creating our content

    Whenever possible, we rely upon best practices established by major national and international organizations. For example, when creating the concussion algorithm we utilized information from the Centers For Disease Control, published scientific literature pertaining to the SCAT-5, and consensus conferences such as the 5th International Consensus Conference on Concussion In Sport.

Benefits for National Governing Bodies and National Service Organizations

  • Importance of injury recognition education

    Parents of young athletes are using a sports organization’s injury reduction efforts more prominently when deciding which sport their child should play, or which league within a sport their child should join. Providing injury recognition education goes a long way towards improving the safety of that young athlete. Injury recognition education is often combined with rigorous background screening and other educational efforts as part of the overall risk reduction plan.

  • Why work with Sideline Sports Doc?

    We’re certain that you’re thinking about injury recognition education for your coaches but how exactly do you go about doing that?  You might be able to tap into expert medical advisors for your sport but within the scope of everyone’s really busy schedules how can you ask them to commit to the hundreds of hours needed to create the right content?  That’s where we come in. It’s our job to do this for you and create a customized product that works for your sport and your audience.

  • How does Sideline Sports Doc work with an organization?

    We’ll start by carefully consulting with you to assess your unique needs for your sport and your members. From there we can come up with a variety of options to address your needs. We’ll always work with your medical and safety experts to ensure that the final product is right for you.

For Coaches

  • How will this material help me as a coach?

    There are many ways this will help. First, when you have basic knowledge about how to evaluate an injured player you’ll be able to safely and effectively “triage” the player. With a truly minor injury you’ll be able to assess how it’s reasonable and safe to return the athlete to play quickly, and with more significant injuries you’ll have knowledge that will help you decide when the injured player needs help from a qualified medical professional.

    Second, early recognition will often lead to a much shorter time away from the game due to injury. For example, if you sit a player down with mild low back ache it might mean a few days lost to practice. But if the player continues to play through pain and turns this into a stress fracture it will cost the player months before they can return to play- or longer.

    Finally, parents will be reassured knowing that you have basic knowledge to keep their child’s safety in mind.

  • How long does the online course take?

    Many thousands of coaches have taken our online course and our data shows that the typical user takes a little less than an hour total, and usually breaks it up into two shorter sessions.

  • What other materials are provided in the course?

    You’ll be able to download a set of audio MP3 chapters from which you can learn the material with zero added time in your day, or you can also download a PDF eBook. Additionally, supplemental videos are available in each chapter on topics not typically covered in other courses. For example, the concussion chapter includes an excellent practical video on what to look out for in athletes who don’t report a concussion to the coach, referee, or teammates.

  • Am I trained like an EMT or team doctor at the end of the course?

    No. For details please see the Disclaimer. Trained professionals go through years of training to achieve the level of competence required to diagnose and treat injuries.

  • Why isn’t this an app?

    Actually, we do have an app in development! But the real answer is that a coach on the field of play is unlikely to reach for a smartphone to help with a decision when you only have a couple of minutes, the referee is hovering over and other players are crowded around. You’ll be far better off having the knowledge of the four simple steps already in your head.

For Parents

  • I’m not a coach- would the Sideline Sports Doc course help me?

    Yes, definitely. While the course is targeted at coaches, the knowledge can be used by parents at home. Did you get home from a game and notice that your daughter is limping because of an ankle injury?  Now what? Go the ER or put a bag of ice on it?  We can help.

  • What about an app for parents?

    Yes! This is a great idea and we have an app in development. Our goal is that the app will help you with a simple decision tree for “Your child’s been injured- now what?” If you get on our mailing list we’ll let you know when the app is up and ready to go.

For Players