Your child’s been injured – now what?
You’ve been injured – now what?

Have you ever come home from an event and had to face one of these questions?  The Good To Go by Sideline Sports Doc app can help!

  • The app uses our proprietary SAFE Method™ decision algorithm to help you make the right assessment
  • Can be used for head injuries, spine, upper extremity, abdomen, lower extremity… pretty much anything!
  • Fast- takes only a minute or two
  • Helps you decide whether you need a bag of ice, can keep playing, or need to see a doctor immediately
  • Created by head team physicians with decades of experience in multiple college, pro, and national teams
  • Also the perfect complement if you’ve taken the Sideline Sports Doc online course!

Download it today:  Only $9.99

With 30 day money back guarantee!


The SAFE Method algorithm that powers the app is based on the core principles used by every team physician and athletic trainer in the United States.

Time-tested and dependable. It’s designed for busy coaches and parents with no medical training. All you have to remember is Story, Appearance, Feel, Effort.  It’s easy and it’s been used by more than 75,000 coaches nationwide!

Download today for only $9.99 with a risk free 30 day money back guarantee.

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