Each of our products is based on The SAFE Method™ decision support algorithm. Designed with the busy coach or parent in mind, the products will give you a reliable way to answer the question “Your player’s been injured – now what?”

We currently offer a combination online course comprised of video lessons, audio mp3, or pdf book. Viewing the key videos in the course takes about an hour.

Each course is specifically focused on the youth sports coach and can be accessed instantly online.

  • The Core Concepts. For each sport, we’ve identified 6-8 critical topics. These topics can be studied at your own pace and preferably during the preseason. Understanding these Core Concepts should equip you to handle almost all on-field injury recognition situations for your sport.
  • 15-20 Supplemental Topics that you can study whenever you wish. These topics are critical for each sport and should be learned to round out the coach’s knowledge base. We recommend that you look these over before the start of the season to familiarize yourself with the issues.
  • MP3 audio of every chapter to accompany the PDF. The audio books are perfect for listening to while in the car or at the gym. You can listen to these with zero added time to your day and still learn the key concepts.

And in development are two apps: one focused on the parent, and one focused on athletes. These apps will be based on The SAFE Method™, assisting with the answer to “Your child’s been injured- now what?”, and “You’ve been injured – now what?”. We expect to launch these in early 2018.