The Coach’s Guide to Youth Soccer Injury Recognition

Hey coaches: Your player’s been injured– now what?

You’re about to learn an incredibly effective simple and fast method to help you answer that question in girls, boys, men, women, any age group, any sport, and pretty much any injury situation.

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It turns out there’s ONE THING you can learn now that’ll keep your players healthier and happier, keep parents satisfied, help your team be more effective whether rec level or elite competitive, and help you stay compliant with state and national sport requirements about safety.

This ONE THING will make you a better coach.

Hi my name is Dev Mishra, I’m an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist at Stanford University, now in my 24th year in practice. My partners and I at Sideline Sports Doc are all doctors who take care of athletes from pro and national teams down to young kids just getting introduced to the sport.

Our story: We’re pro, college, and youth team docs who are all youth sports coaches… we know how hard you work and want to make it easier for you.


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[If you are a US Club Soccer staff or coach member please click here
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But here’s the interesting thing. We came up with this method because we’ve all walked in your shoes as a youth coach and saw a chance to do something that makes a huge difference. Here’s my story and I bet you’ve been down this path too.

A number of years back my wife and I volunteered to coach one of our boys’ teams in a sport we didn’t know too well. Then the real work begins. Learn about the sport, learn the rules, figure out how to run practices without looking like a dingbat, coax other parents who actually knows the sport to help you, do all the required coaching courses, CPR training, workplace sensitivity course, background checks, and everything else you need to do to be compliant with state laws and sport regulations…

Oh and just one more thing: every sport organization wants you to learn about safety and injury recognition.

Now fast forward to 2017. One new element is added to the mix. Every single sport organization in America is emphasizing safety. It’s just too important to ignore. What exactly should you be learning?

While there’s been important emphasis on concussions there’s been remarkably little focus on evaluating the common things you’ll see in a sport such as knee, ankle, and shoulder injuries. These common injuries probably make up more than 90% of the injuries you’ll see.

And that’s where our breakthrough occurred. We could take an encyclopedic approach and teach you about 20 different injuries but that would just be too hard. What if we back up a step and teach you ONE KEY THING.

The SAFE Method™.  Learn this one thing and apply it to almost everything.

Why can’t we take the basic steps every doctor and athletic trainer in the US use when evaluating an injured athlete and adapt them to a coach with no medical training?

Well after years of testing and refinements we came upon an amazingly simple and effective breakthrough, it’s called The SAFE Method™. Four simple steps you take any time you’re evaluating a sports injury. Learn this one thing and apply it to almost everything.

Here’s how it works: The SAFE Method™ is an acronym for the four steps. Story. Appearance. Feel. Effort. You go through those four steps for every injury, it takes only a minute or two. The process is very simple.

Story ‧ Appearance ‧ Feel ‧ Effort

The best thing about this is just how fast effective and easy it is to immediately put it to use in your life as a coach. Listen we’re not training you to diagnose and treat an injury. That would take you many years of medical training. Leave diagnosis and treatment to the professionals!

In about 10 minutes you’ll be a more effective coach

But to assist you with solid and effective knowledge that’ll help with day to day injury recognition and the play versus sit out decision? Well that’s only going to take you about an hour, and if all you did was learn the specific section on the safe method– Guess what– that’s only 10 minutes! Do you think you can find 10 minutes that’ll positively contribute to the lives of the players you coach? Yes! Absolutely you can!

Successfully used by more than 65,000 youth coaches.

Besides the fact that The SAFE Method™ principles are used by every doctor and athletic trainer we’ve also had more than 65,000 youth coaches nationwide take the course. The overwhelming feedback is that this is simple, effective, and valuable.

Part of that value is the unique method that we teach, but also the focus on clear, concise, and relevant action steps for key areas such as concussion, upper extremity injury, lower extremity injury, heat illness, and the critical return to play functional tests.

What you get:

  • A time-tested method used by every doctor and athletic trainer in America, now adapted for the coach

  • Taught by some of the best doctors in America

  • Fast, put immediately to use for concussion and many other injury situations

  • Online course with certificate of completion

  • Downloadable pdf book

  • Downloadable mp3 audio

  • AND a 100% money back guarantee

In addition to what we teach the value is also how we teach. We’ll present the material online, and as an e-book, and audio MP3 files. You can take a quiz from which you’ll get a certificate of completion. No one else does this!

And now we’d love to have you join us. So what I’d like to do is make you a totally risk-free financial offer. Register now for our course. You can view the videos, take the quiz, get your certificate, download the e-book and the MP3 audio– and here’s the offer– we’ll let you get 100% of your money back if you tell us in the first 30 days that you weren’t happy.

An unbeatable guarantee: use Sideline Sports Doc for 30 days, 100% risk-free. If you’re not happy we’ll refund your money…and you can keep the materials.

No hard sell from us, no questions. And we’ll let you keep everything from the course.

So what’s it worth to you to have a zero financial risk offer with material you can immediately put to use, taught by some of the best doctors in America, that’ll make the game better for your players?

Many of our course participants have told us that the value of this material is probably $100. But we want to make the method as accessible as possible and positively affect as many athletes as we can– which is why our price is only $9.95.

Join the over 65,000 coaches who have taken our course!


[If you are a US Club Soccer staff or coach member please click here
to be directed to the US Club Soccer learning platform.]

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