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Your player's been injured - now what?

The unfortunate reality is that injuries in sports will sometimes happen, and that you- as a coach- will have to deal with one. You’ll need to have basic knowledge in your head about how to evaluate an injury during play and make a “go” or “no-go” decision that’s in the best interest of your player.

We have three ways to help you:

  • 1. Totally free: Sideline Sports Doc ESSENTIALS video modules

    Sideline Sports Doc Essentials will give you the key information to recognize and provide basic management for almost any injury you’ll encounter on a field, court, ice rink or pool. 

    You asked and we listened. Many of you in our community thought we should offer the key parts of our online course videos at no charge.  Our mission is to impact as many people as possible with our method to make sports health and safety better for everyone.

    As a coach, you’ll need to make a decision during play, and to make it quickly and confidently. The Essentials videos will teach you how to do that.

  • 2. Sideline Sports Doc PREMIUM: The most comprehensive injury recognition solution anywhere!

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    Sideline Sports Doc Premium is designed for anyone who wants the best injury recognition knowledge available. Our Premium solution is particularly useful for:

    • Elite level coaches and team managers who need to make decisions immediately on the field of play
    • Travel team coaches, when you won’t always be familiar with injury resources in the place you’re playing
    • Anyone coaching or managing multiple sports, in search of comprehensive knowledge on sports injury recognition
    • Individuals needing a certificate of completion, to demonstrate that they’ve taken steps to be the best they can be


    You’ll learn through online videos, downloadable MP3 audio, and a downloadable PDF book. Each online module is accompanied by simple quiz questions designed to help you retain your knowledge.

  • 3. The Good To Go App

    Yes, there’s an app for that. Our Good To Go App is great if you’re a coach who has a few minutes to reach for your smartphone. Money back guaranteed.

    • The app uses our proprietary SAFE Method™ decision algorithm to help you make the right assessment
    • Can be used for head injuries, spine, upper extremity, abdomen, lower extremity… pretty much anything!
    • Fast- takes only a couple of minutes
    • Helps you decide whether you need a bag of ice, can keep playing, or need to see a doctor immediately
    • Created by head team physicians with decades of experience in multiple college, pro, and national teams


    Also the perfect complement if you’ve taken the Sideline Sports Doc online course!

The Problem: Sports Injuries Happen. You need to know the basics of how to handle them. And you need to have that knowledge in your head so you can access it immediately on the field of play. You need a simple and fast set of steps you can rely on.

What Do You Do – Right Now – When There’s Been A Sports Injury?

Whether you’re a parent, a coach, or an athlete, this is a question every single one of you will face. Sometimes the injured player will need to sit out with a bag of ice, sometimes they can reasonably and safely continue playing, and sometimes the injury is serious enough to require immediate medical attention in the local emergency department.

How do you make the decision quickly and confidently, in the heat of a possibly emotionally charged situation on the field of play?

The Solution: The SAFE Method™. A fast and easy to learn on-field evaluation method that works for all sports and all age groups.

How do you know what to do?

We’re here to help. We’re team physicians for youth teams, NCAA colleges, every major professional sports league in the U.S., as well as national teams. We’re also parents of athletes and fitness enthusiasts ourselves.

We created the fast and easy solutions in Sideline Sports Doc to help all non-medically trained people with the basic “go” or “no-go” decisions so common in sports at every level. Our decision support tool- The Safe Method- is based on the exact same steps used by every team doctor or athletic trainer in the U.S. when evaluating an injured athlete. It’s time tested and it works.


All of our paid products come with a
30 Day 100% money back guarantee.
Zero Risk.

More than 100,000 people nationwide have taken our injury recognition certificate courses. We know our method works, which is why we back all of our paid products with a completely risk-free 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let us know within the first 30 days of your purchase and we’ll fully refund your purchase price.

And… help us support youth health initiatives. We donate at least 10% of our revenue to organizations that are working to make youth sports safer and promote values of lifelong health.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose so please join us in our mission to make sports safer and healthier for everyone.


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