A player’s been injured.

Now what? What Will You Do?

How do you decide whether an injury is mild, serious, or something in between?   Will you know how to make this decision on the field, during a game, and possibly with a highly emotional player (and parent) looking on?  Some leagues provide basic injury management training to their coaches, but surprisingly, many others have no formal requirements at all for sideline safety training.

The Coach’s Guide to Youth Soccer Injury Recognition

A Sideline Sports Doc Signature Course

Your player’s been injured- now what?” If you answer this question correctly you’ll be able to keep your players healthier and keep them on the field longer. Through a combination of six video lessons, downloadable 23-chapter audio mp3, and pdf we’ll provide you a fast and reliable framework to recognize and triage soccer injuries that you can use for boys and girls, and any age group.

The content was created with the input of Dr. Bert Mandelbaum, long-time head team physician for the US Soccer Federation, with further input by team physicians for the Golden State Warriors, San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox, Stanford, Northwestern, and multiple national teams.   Our founders, advisors and partners lead the industry in sport injury prevention and treatment.

When you successfully complete the quiz sections you’ll be issued a certificate of completion. This is a version of the course currently required by US Club Soccer.