Wellness Influencer Or Snake Oil Peddler?

There’s so much upheaval in our personal and business lives now so it’s only natural that we’re on the lookout for the fastest possible solution.

We’d encourage each of you to be particularly vigilant regarding unproven quick fixes, often promoted by social media influencers. The influencer is exceptionally skilled at avoiding language that could be interpreted as “medical treatment”. The rules regarding the regulatory environment and affiliate disclosures are vague, providing an opportunity to take advantage of the unsuspecting. Every one of us knows the saying, “if it sounds too good to be true…”. 

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Can You Trust Orthopedic Injury Information On The Internet?

I’m sure this is true everywhere in the country but it seems to be particularly true here in Silicon Valley where I practice: people naturally consult the Internet for information about their injuries. But can you actually trust what you’re reading?

When a patient comes to see me in the clinic I will frequently ask them whether they have consulted any Internet sources as this helps me get some context behind the knowledge about their condition. As long as the source of the information is good I welcome this kind of research as it tends to improve their recovery from the problem.

In this time of “fake news” which sites can you trust? The most important factor is to consider the source of the information.

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