When Can I Come Back From: Sports Hernia Surgery

A “sports hernia” is an injury to the soft tissue around the groin, typically involving the abdominal muscles and the adductor muscles of the inner thigh. This injury is most commonly a number of partial tears in the area where the tendons insert on to the bones of the pelvis. The injury can go by other names such as “athletic pubalgia” and “core muscle injury”.

In an athlete, this is an injury that will frequently go on to need surgery. Some of the keys to successful return to sport after surgery are:

Finding a doctor skilled in the diagnosis and surgery for a sports hernia
Working with a physical therapist after surgery with experience in core muscle rehabilitation
Following return to sport protocols carefully, and also making sure you’re mentally confident about your return to sport
Most people should aim for a return to sport at about the start of the 13thweek after surgery, although some elite athletes will follow an aggressive protocol that might allow a return in the 4thto 6thweeks after surgery.

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